ABOUT Marit Harte:

Marit Harte is a 28 year-old abstract artist from the Netherlands, with a specialization in creating striking monochrome 3D sculpted paintings. Her work is uniquely characterized by a self-taught technique that artfully visualizes the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and space. Since she started in Spring 2021, Marit’s work has received widespread acclaim, with clients from all corners of the globe, including Dubai, Sydney, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

Each artwork is crafted meticulously in her near Amsterdam-based studio, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate individuality and raise environmental awareness.

Marit utilizes customized affirmations coordinated for each painting, which she repeats throughout the creative process, allowing the energy to flow into her artwork. Additionally, Marit embeds a unique NFC chip into each piece, containing all the information about the artwork. This way, customers can scan the signature to learn more about the piece, the affirmations, the meaning and the process. This added feature allows customers to gain a deeper appreciation for the artwork and the artist behind it, making each piece even more unique.